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The Holst Group delivers psychometric tests and training workshops from thought leaders across the globe.

We believe people are happier, more loyal and perform better when they feel valued and are in the right role.

We also believe that good employers deserve a workforce that will do the job well.

In everything we do we help organisations:

  • Attract and recruit the right people.
  • Develop those people.
  • Retain the talent.

We deliver great training workshops and have terrific psychometric tests.

We promise you quality.The Holst Group promise

Quality in the psychometric tests and training workshops we distribute. Quality in the trainers we employ to deliver those workshops.

We guarantee our work.

We promise that our workshops and psychometric tests are fit for purpose and that they will deliver what they say they will deliver.

Psychometric Assessment.

Edward de Bono Training.

Business Communications Training.

Finance for Non Finance Managers.


At The Holst Group we’ve helped organisations make the most of their people since 1984. This gives us the depth and breadth of experience you expect when choosing a partner for your people development needs.

We are so confident in the products and workshops we bring you that all our work is fully guaranteed!The Holst Group Satisfaction Guaranteed


Established in 1984 we are:

  • Dr Edward de Bono’s first partner in Europe.
  • The only European partner of The McQuaig Institute.
  • Partner of Mcluhan and Davies Communications Inc.
  • New UK partners of Accounting Comes Alive.

We are proud to bring you:

Colour Accounting™
Finance for non finance managers

The works of Dr Edward de Bono:
Powerful. Practical. Innovative.

The McQuaig Psychometric System:
Benchmark. Recruit. Develop. Retain.

Business Communications Training:
Communication skills for impact

Holst Group Clients: Martin McColl, Mitie, British Horseracing Authority, The Salvation Army Holst Group Clients: Big Yello Self Storage, Audley, Caffe Nero, Calor Gas

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Colour Accounting

Colour Accounting™ is a new way to learn finance. Three dimensional tools and colour-coded diagrams bring balance sheets and income statements (P&L) alive.

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The McQuaig Psychometric System is more than just personality testing. It is a complete profiling system!

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Think on Your Feet

Think On Your Feet ® teaches you how to respond quickly under pressure in a 2-day verbal communication skills workshop.

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