Team creativity engages, empowers, and changes outcomes.

Team creativity makes a team more effective. When individuals come together, collaboration takes place.  A collaborative process will help:

  • Enhance creativity.

    Team creativity

  • Improve team morale.
  • Result in effective team decision-making.

When teams use a creativity framework members will participate more equally and engage more readily. This will result in real solutions.

“The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.”
 – Phil Jackson


Does your team constantly bring problems to the table? There are few things that will frustrate you more as a business leader or manager. Listening to your team gripe and complain out of habit is draining. One challenge it to change the team culture from one which focuses on problems to one that finds solutions. Team creativity supports this. Our Creative Teams course is designed for this purpose.

You create a world of possibilities when you equip your people with tools to help them solve problems and design outcomes. With endless possibilities people can:

  • Influence more effectively.
  • Be better thinkers and;
  • Offer genuine solutions or alternatives.

Team creativity will make day-to-day jobs and tasks more interesting.

Some managers and team members complain that creative thinking takes time. Sure it does. But a simple cost benefit analysis will lead you to a conclusion as us. This reminds us of one of our favourite quotes:

“Fail to plan, plan to fail.”
 – Unknown

Adapted, we would suggest an alternative:

‘Take time to think and create, reap the benefits exponentially.’
 – Us

Team creativity should be easy, well-practiced, and the role of the entire team. Meetings will have short periods of time which focus on creating solutions. Team members are encouraged to bring several possible solutions for every problem or concern they raise. And when people make a truly radical suggestion, the team makes a concerted effort to find 3 great things about the idea before criticising it.

Team creativity becomes easy when it is integrated well into a team’s culture. The day-to-day language of your team changes. Work life becomes more interesting, and individuals more successful. Creative Teams is a great creativity course to help your people get started.