Dr. Edward de Bono’s Power of Perception course

Here are the details for your Power of Perception course.

Duration: 1-day course.Power of Perception Course

Course size: Maximum 15 participants.

Price: £450 + VAT

In-house courses start from as little as £217 + VAT per person.

Who should attend a Power of Perception course?

The Power of Perception course teaches thinking skills. It is for anyone wanting to improve how he or she approaches daily decisions. Decisions are decisions, and it doesn’t matter if they are personal or professional, our Power of Perception course can help.

Attending a Power of Perception course exposes you to a variety of techniques to improve the quality of decision-making. Dr. Edward de Bono developed the Power of Perception to teach people how to direct their thinking for better outcomes.

“You can’t dig a new hole by digging the same one deeper.”
 – Dr. Edward de Bono

Course objectives:

  • Develop your thinking skills with 10 mental models.
  • Consider the views of key people.
  • Know why you are taking a course of action.
  • Be confident that you have thought about a subject comprehensively.

You will learn:

Tool 1: Consequences and Sequel

Look ahead to see the consequences of an action, plan, decision or rule.

Tool 2: Plus, Minus, Interesting

Ensure that all sides of a matter have been considered before a decision or commitment is made.

Tool 3: Recognise, Analyse, Divide.

Break a larger concept into smaller, more manageable parts.

Tool 4: Consider All Factors.

Explore all factors related to an action, decision, plan, judgment or conclusion.

Tool 5: Aims, Goals, Objectives.

Focus directly and deliberately on the intentions behind actions.

Tool 6: Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices.

Deliberately try to find other ways.

Tool 7: Other People’s Views.

Put yourself in others’ shoes.

Tool 8: Key Values Involved.

Ensure that your thinking serves your values.

Tool 9: First Important Priorities.

Select the most important ideas, factors, objectives, consequences, etc.

Tool 10: Design/Decision, Outcome, Channels, Action.

Direct attention to the outcome of the thinking and action which follows.

What to expect:

A fully certified de Bono trainer will lead your Power of Perception course. You will receive a Power of Perception workbook complete with exercises and hints and tips. Each participant will receive post-course email tips to support them on the job.

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