Develop your thinking skills with Power of Perception

Why is a Power of Perception course different?

Dr. Edward de Bono developed the Power of Perception course to teach 10 mental structures to facilitate the thinking you and your team need to do. The Power of Perception challenges traditional thinking skills. It encourages the user to think beyond their initial perception of a topic or situation.

A Power of Perception course will teach you to focus and direct your attention with a specific purpose in mind. The stronger your focus, the more productive your efforts and the better quality of your thinking skills. This has a direct impact on your outcome. We so often confuse action as the achievement, forgetting to test the quality of that decision first. We almost never stop to ask if we even have the right starting point.


‘If you never change your mind, why have one?’
 – Dr Edward de Bono


A huge challenge is that we all perceive situations differently. Who is right? Well, that depends on many things. It is often difficult to persuade or coerce others to see things your way. What we can influence is the quality of thinking we personally bring to the table. For example, we would argue that taking the time to consider the views of other stakeholders could reveal a ‘show stopper’ or a knock-out aspect you hadn’t spotted. Having identified the obstacle, you are now in a position to build in a contingency to manage that concern. The power is with you. Your thinking skills make the difference.

Thinking skills are a foundation of business acumen. The mental processes you use to reach a conclusion will determine the outcome you get. As you develop your thinking skills, you will want to know you can trust the processes you use. Dr. Edward de Bono is the leading authority in this field.

Your thinking skills, together with the Power of Perception course, will give you the most comprehensive picture possible of any scenario. Benefits include:

  • Confidence in decision making
  • Ability to quickly weigh risk and reward
  • Identify hidden opportunities
  • Think beyond your personal limitations
  • Avoid costly mistakes

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