Disrupt traditional thinking with Lateral Thinking.

Why is a Lateral Thinking course different?

Dr. Edward de Bono famously developed Lateral Thinking. Did you know that Dr de Bono actually coined the term ‘Lateral Thinking’ in 1967? He is the guru of thinking and creativity  skills. This is his globally acclaimed course.

In many ways, these tools are even more relevant today than they were when they were developed. We are so busy with quLateral Thinking - The Holst Groupick wins, many people are losing the skill of taking time to think. We need to develop and retain the skills of thinking, creating, and evaluating outcomes. These skills increase our chances of success, however we choose to measure success. Lateral Thinking provides the variety of techniques required for comprehensive analysis of a problem or situation.

A Lateral Thinking training course teaches a systematic and deliberate process for truly innovative thinking. Strategic business development requires deep thinking and evaluation. The Lateral Thinking framework will encourage you and your people to challenge current thinking, produce new alternatives, and deliver amazing outcomes.

Lateral Thinking works with innovation at its heart. Unless you implement your ideas, you only have a list of ideas, creative or otherwise. Often, output from a creative thinking session goes nowhere. This can occur because little consideration is given for implementing an idea. Lateral Thinking provides a complete toolbox that doesn’t just enable true idea generation, but also encourages users to consider the challenges associated with innovation.

The primary purpose of Lateral Thinking is to challenge the status quo, throw out the rule book, and with concerted effort drive towards different and innovative outcomes. This type of thinking takes time to do well; it is not a flash in the pan, quick fix. We like the saying “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” If you share the same sentiment, you will enjoy this gem of a course.


The Holst Group was the first European distributor for Dr. Edward de Bono.  We have worked with Dr. de Bono’s publisher of course material, de Bono Thinking Systems, for decades. Dr. de Bono is the thought leader for thinking and creativity skills.

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