Thinking and Creativity

Thinking and creativity skills: better thinkers make better business!

Thinking and creativity skills are a vital part of business acumen. These skills determine how a person approaches decision making and problem solving. They underpin their competence as a leader. Developing the thinking and creativity skills of your people will save your business money and time. They and their teams will become more effective.

‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.’
– Albert Einstein

Thinking and Creativity

We offer our clients thought leadership in the area of thinking and creativity. We are the first European distributors of Dr. Edward de Bono’s great works. This includes the famous Lateral Thinking course which many large global businesses use, as well as many other innovation programmes. It is arguable that Dr. Edward de Bono is best known for the Six Thinking Hats. The Six Thinking Hats is the first parallel thinking tool ever developed, and it teaches groups and individuals to change how they look at situations.

Dr. de Bono’s Course in Creativity combines Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats into one 3-day programme. Participants leave with a wide variety of tools. They also leave able to create combinations of the tools for more strategic thinking and creativity.

The Power of Perception will teach your people to consciously direct their thinking to look at problems and situations differently. When they look at problems in new ways, they are using their thinking and creativity skills. What we perceive to be true is often a misconception. With the tools taught in this course, participants learn how to put their assumptions aside and look at their subject through fresh eyes. They can have confidence, knowing they have completely thought things through.

Team creativity is a key aspect of developing thinking and creativity skills in your people. If they can think, create, and work better together, the whole organisation becomes more effective. Our Creative Teams course focuses on this skill. It even takes things one step further and teaches groups how to use the tools within meetings. This makes thinking and creativity a way of life and a permanent part of their jobs.

Thinking and creativity can be taught. They are skills. With practice, anyone, regardless of IQ or level of education, can become a good thinker. Anyone, regardless of seniority or experience, can be more creative. Our toolbox teaches people how.