Forbes Magazine

“If you haven’t heard of Edward de Bono or of Lateral Thinking, perhaps you have been too busy thinking in conventional ways.”

Senior Manger, BT

Business Communications Training

“Before Writing Dynamics I threw words on a page. Now I can write!!”


Sir Richard Branson


“de Bono never ceases to amaze”.

Senior Manager, Tarmac

Business Communications Training

“I thoroughly enjoyed Think on Your Feet. It offers very powerful but simple solutions to sticky moments.”

TOYF NHS – Project Manager

Business Communications Training

“I really enjoyed Think on Your Feet and am applying my new skills. I even got an “oooo” at my team meeting yesterday when I responded with clarity, brevity & impact!”



Business Communications Training

“Excellent to come out of a course feeling you’ve learnt so much, but that you need to remember so little! First real toolkit, rather than vague ‘skills’ learning”.


TOYF IOWEU 'Smarter Selling'

Business Communications Training

“Think on Your Feet rocks! I cannot remember when I last experienced two days of training that were so much fun, relevant, professionally and expertly delivered, well designed, stimulating ….where shall I stop? Thank you again!”

IOWEU ‘Smarter Selling’

TOYF Uniq Prepared Foods

Business Communications Training

“Think on Your Feet® is the best communication course I have seen. I attended this course 2 years ago and simply cannot recommend it enough!”

Uniq Prepared Foods

McQuaig Regatta


“Having used McQuaig for over 5 years, we believe it provides us with a valuable dimension to our recruitment and selection process. We have to make sure the “team fit” is correct, and McQuaig helps us select the right candidates to compliment our committed and dedicated teams”.