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Here are the details for your personal effectiveness course.Effective You personal effectiveness course

Duration: 1/2 day course.

Course size: Maximum 15 participants.

Price: £250 + VAT

In-house places start from as little as £67 + VAT per person.

Who is an Effective You course for?

Our personal effectiveness course is designed for individuals who want to be more effective at work and build on their natural strengths.

Participants master their strengths using an assessment tool backed by decades of research. Everyone leaves with a detailed action plan to encourage improved job performance, increase job satisfaction, and achieve greater success.

In this personal effectiveness course, you will learn what people love about you and what might drive them crazy. Self-awareness is the key to a more Effective You!

“To me success means effectiveness in the world, that I am able to carry my ideas and values into the world – that I am able to change it in positive ways.”
– Maxine Hong Kingston


Previous participants tell us they took what they learnt in our personal effectiveness course and were able to apply it immediately. Understanding themselves better changed their relationships, both personally and professionally. They also tell us they feel more successful and confident in the decisions they make. They are able to trust whatever happens, because they personally know where their strengths and limitations are.

Course objectives:

  • Build insight into your strengths and areas which need to be developed.
  • Apply your understanding of behavioural traits.
  • Create actions to leverage your strengths and manage your developmental areas.
  • Develop skills to help you seek coaching and support.

Course pre-requisites:

You will need to complete a McQuaig Self-Development Survey™.

What to expect in an Effective You! course:

You will focus on yourself in this personal effectiveness course. There will be an opportunity to learn about your personality traits. You will explore your strengths and limitations indicated by your personalised McQuaig Self-Development Survey.

You will spend time in practical activities and will receive a workbook to support your learning. A McQuaig Certified Trainer will guide you, and you will receive post-course email tips.

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