Personal effectiveness training will give you the edge you need to succeed

Personal effectiveness is an umbrella term which digs deep into your goals and successes and how to reach them. It ispersonal effectiveness closely linked to performance, communication and self-awareness.

When you improve your influencing skills your performance improves too. A key way to influence is to understand your co-workers.  Every person brings a unique set of skills, personality traits and characteristics to the workplace. It helps to understand your co-workers and how to best influence them. You can learn what motivates an individual to listen to you. You can then consider the impact of your words and take action. When you learn about yourself you develop your personal effectiveness.

Successful people take the time to really know themselves. They take time to understand what types of tasks in their day-to-day life motivate them. They also take time to identify what demotivates them. If you do this well, it can be life changing.


Jack H McQuaig, Founder of the McQuaig Institute, said:

“In working with many successful people over the years, I’ve learned that understanding yourself is more important to career success than education, intelligence or charisma. Successful people know who they are and consciously play to their strengths. The good news is that we can all learn to do this.”


Jack wrote a number of books on successful people, such as “How To Interview and Hire Productive People”. So much of what Jack observed more than 20 years ago is still relative today, including six hidden traits which shape success:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Internal Motivations
  • Persistence and Determination
  • Mature Character
  • Aptitude and Intelligence
  • The Right Temperament

It is imperative that you understand your natural communication style – do you jump straight in or are you more reflective? Do you take control or are you more of a team player? Your communication style can have a big impact on your personal effectiveness and ability to succeed at work.

Our personal effectiveness course, Effective You!, will help you understand yourself and how you behave in the workplace. The in-depth nature of the Self Development Survey will show you where you excel and how to maximise your strengths!

Our facilitators, trainers and coaches have years of commercial experience and can work with you to get the best from yourself, your team, and your organisation.

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