Self Development and Coaching

Excel with our self development and coaching

Are you looking for self-development and coaching? Or perhaps you are looking for personalised business coaching? Our range of development Self developmentoptions including the unique Self Development Survey are perfect for you.

Research has shown that you get much better results by focusing on strengths. All of our self-development and coaching courses, including Effective You! and our Team Effectiveness course, draw from the Self Development Survey. The Self Development Survey helps you identify your natural strengths as a starting point.

Self-awareness is the foundation for achieving higher levels of performance. Highly successful people are not necessarily blessed with a higher intellect or more charisma than others, but they do know how to make the best use of their talents and how to avoid the pitfalls that could limit their success.

The McQuaig Self Development Survey will help you identify your strengths and become aware of limitations that decrease your effectiveness. This knowledge will enable you to improve your performance, increase your job satisfaction, and achieve greater success.

Once we have identified your natural strengths we can create a simple action plan tailored specifically for you. You will find learning becomes much easier when you are not trying to ‘fix’ something that is broken. Get better at what you are already good at and your effectiveness will take off!

Your choices

We have several options for you to choose from. The 1:1 sessions can be completely bespoke to you and fit around your schedule. Want to meet at the office? No problem. Is Skype or Google Hangouts better? We can do that. Or maybe you want to keep your development completely private. We can come to your house. Whatever your preference for self-development and coaching, we can make it happen. Or try our Effective You and Effective Teams if you prefer to work in a group.

We have a choice of first class business coaching professionals, trainers and facilitators. They all have many years of self development and coaching experience.  We will work with you, your team and your organisation to get the best from your people.

Find out what motivates you and how to use it to your advantage. Our team is standing by to discuss your options with you.

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