Colour Accounting is our 1-day finance workshop. Build your confidence today!

Here are the details for your Colour Accounting course.Colour Accounting kit from The Holst Group

Duration: 1-day workshop.

Workshop size: Maximum 15 participants.

Price: £450 + VAT

In-house courses from as little as £217 + VAT per person.

Who is a Colour Accounting™ for?

Our Colour Accounting™ course is designed for anyone who needs to understand how accounting concepts work. Whether you belong to a micro business, a start-up, a SME or large organisation the principles are the same.

Workshop objectives:
  • Develop a deep understanding of the Balance Sheet.
  • Understand how the P&L connects with the Balance Sheet.
  • Get clarity on Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue & Expenses.
  • Understand the Value Cycle of business.
  • Learn how to ‘speak finance’ and how to avoid communication pitfalls.
  • How cash flow is reported.
  • Analyse financial statements of a business and identify risk areas, performance changes, and opportunities for improvement.
Course prerequisites:


What to expect:Colour Accounting from The Holst Group zebra head-only

There are 3 modules on this Colour Accounting course.

Module 1:

The first module prepares the learners for a different type of learning journey.

For some this ‘warm up’ module can be the most important. It reveals mental blocks and asks participants to give themselves permission to learn. Learners begin to see that what appear to be simple questions are examined very deeply.

Module 2:

The Colour Accounting™ is not a game or simulation. It draws on a realistic business scenario. Students learn to literally account for transactions.

Learners record a series of 14 carefully ordered transactions. Each is designed to teach a specific concept. Learners develop a big picture and start to use accounting as a business framework.

Module 3:

The Colour Accounting™ culminates in a case study that has the learners realise how far they have come and what they are capable of.

A carefully constructed business case study of a struggling but successful business brings the learning together. The students articulate the essential business narrative that the balance sheet and income statement tell. They then complete a detailed financial analysis of the company, addressing business issues.

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