Our finance for non-finance managers course is called Colour Accounting™

Colour Accounting ™ is a new way to learn finance. 3-D tools and colour-coded diagrams bring balance sheets and income statements (P&L) alive. This finance for non-finance managers course is different. It is fun!


Finance for non-finance managers course
 “This is a very powerful course that can be delivered to anyone.
Everyone can take something new away from this.”
 – Rebecca Elmore, Head of Operations Finance, Greencore


A Colour Accounting™ course teaches participants to read and analyse financial statements. They build an accounting-based 3D model of how business works. This model becomes the basis for their learning. The power of this course lies in the learner’s ability to see the big picture impact of the numbers, while also understanding the detail.

Learners hold, manipulate and engage with learning materials to gain new insights into their business’ finances. Finally a finance for non-finance managers course that truly works!

Why is Colour Accounting™ different?

Finance can stress many people out. Colour Accounting™ breaks the barriers to understanding, language and confidence. Learners leave this finance for non-finance managers course with a deep insight into how accounting and business work.

Visual. Interactive. Different. Learning is hands-on, engaging and fun.Colour Accounting delegate from The Holst Group

For this finance for non-finance managers course you need little or no experience in finance to attend. Participants leave able to read and analyse a balance sheet and income statement. They are finance literate and can rapidly apply the concepts to business issues, financial analysis and powerful communication.

Participants can:

  • Manage profitability, cash flow and working capital better.
  • Gain essential business acumen.
  • Understand the language of finance.
  • Better communicate with strategic stakeholders.
  • Learn at their pace.
  • Bring their financial statements.
  • Select elective modules based on specific needs (in-house workshops).

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Financial Literacy has never looked so good!


The team at Colour Accounting™ were frustrated. Frustrated because learning finance was such a chore. Business people (even at senior levels) were winging it when financial statements passed their desk. Managers didn’t know a balance sheet from a P&L.

The Colour Accounting™ team decided enough was enough and produced and created this awesome finance for non-finance managers course. They developed a simple 5-box model where every financial question/problem/opportunity can be explained. It is so simple we, at The Holst Group loved it and instantly added the Colour Accounting course to our portfolio.

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