Finance for Non-Finance People

Finance for non-finance people made easy.

Are you looking for finance for non-finance people course? Or, perhaps you are looking for personalised finance coaching? Our Colour Accounting™ course and coaching is perfect for you.

Finance for non-finance people

Finance can be intimidating. There are many technical words used. Definitions are confusing and the same words are used to describe different things. Most non-finance people will sit quietly in the meeting, nod their head knowingly and hope they aren’t asked questions. When you attend a finance for non-finance people course such as Colour Accounting™ you will have a chance to really understand what each accounting term actually means.

Finance coaching.

Many people find there is a risk with being in a classroom, so you might prefer to learn face to face with a coach. Our finance coaching can be adjusted to suit your need and focus on the issues important to you. The Colour Accounting™ course is used as the basis of your finance session. The material is adapted to your specific needs.

Colour Accounting™ course.

A Colour Accounting™ course can be run in-house and we run public workshops throughout the year. Finance for your non-finance people is accessible.Colour Accounting from The Holst Group

The more senior you get in your career the more important being able to understand financial concepts becomes. Finance is an essential aspect of business acumen and you will want to be sure you can spot trouble before it occurs. A finance for non-finance people workshop will give you the right questions to ask your finance team. It help you digest financial statements quickly and ensure accounting jargon doesn’t catch you out.

Learning finance for non-finance people can be fun, interesting and flexible. Our finance for non-finance managers training and our finance coaching give you choices in how learn. Build your confidence once and for all. Our team are standing by to chat through the options with you. Please call 0845 456 4000 or email