Facilitation skills training for better outcomes!

Facilitation skills training enables you to better facilitate sessions. A side benefit is that you also uncover the underpinning philosophies of facilitation. These philosophies relate to leadership, your business acumen and how you engage people. You’ll find you become more effective at developing the dynamics of the teams around you.

Dr Edward de BonoSTH Blue Hat

We offer a wide range of courses in our facilitation skills training suite. This includes the famous workshops of Dr Edward de Bono. Edward de Bono is well known for his parallel thinking workshop, ‘Six Thinking Hats’. He was first to coin the phrase Lateral Thinking and develop the Lateral Thinking training course. Edward de Bono’s  Course in Creativity combines the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking ) workshops. This three-day workshop is terrific for organisations developing their innovation programmes and a good foundation in creativity training.


We are proud to offer our clients RapidConsensus™. RapidConsensus™ is a fantastic 1-day workshop that teaches a model to help groups reach consensus on the best way forward. Here the participants design a preferred future outcome to work towards rather than trying to perfect the present. A RapidConsensus™ course will help break the habit of leaping to actions too fast. We highly recommend RapidConsensus™ as part of your facilitation skills training.

Facilitation Basics

Facilitation Skills Training

Not everyone is an experienced facilitator. For those just starting out we offer Facilitation Basics. It provides new facilitators with basic facilitation skills. You’ll leave with plenty of hints and tips you can apply straight away. This facilitation skills training also offers a great grounding in the principles and processes involved in facilitation skills. This is a terrific introductory course.

Creative Teams

For fast creativity sessions we bring you Creative Teams. Creative Teams is a creativity course teaching several creativity techniques that facilitators can use in short ideas generation sessions.

Effective Teams

For team development we have Effective Teams. Effective Teams uses the McQuaig Psychometric System to facilitate team sessions. An Effective Teams Course will lead to better understanding of the strengths of individuals within that team. It will show you how use those strengths to increase team dynamics for better teamwork and team outcomes.

Trainer Certifications

Our team of Master Trainers provide trainer certifications in all these workshops. If you’d like to train your own people in-house in any of these courses we’d be happy to discuss ways to make that happen.

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