RapidConsensus™: a facilitation skills course to mine the collective intelligence of your group.

Why is this facilitation skills course different?

RapidConsensus™ teaches facilitation skills to get groups to contribute and take ownership for their actions. Most groups leap from problem to solution without stopping to consider or design a preferred end result. This facilitation skills course holds up the thinking of a group. It encourages them to pause and create where they would prefer to be before deciding on the best way forward.

Facilitation skills course RapidConsensus

“People own what they help to create.”
 – Kevin Nuttall


During a RapidConsensus™ course you will learn and experience the Four Seasons Model.

The Four Seasons Model is a parrallel thinking tool that is:

  • Fast.
  • Effective and;
  • Creative.

It enables your group to design outcomes with the preferred future state in mind. The Four Seasons Model teaches you how to mine the collective knowledge of your group and to gain consensus on the best way forward.

This facilitation skills course also teaches the conditions for collaboration, engagement and consensus.

Topics include:

  • Idea mapping.
  • People reading.
  • Active listening and;
  • Group dynamics.

Each stage of learning is built on with:

  1. Process.
  2. Skills and;
  3. Practice.

Participants leave knowing what they need to do to run productive sessions.

RapidConsenus™ focuses on the key principal of engagement. That is to get people involved. When the right people are collaborate to design outcomes then consensus becomes possible. This facilitation skills course shows you how to get those types of results. Fast.

The skills taught on this facilitation skills course can be used within team meetings or as the overview for large conference lasting several days. The principals are the same; use the right tool, create the right conditions and hold a group in process to enable them to create their best way forward.


Kevin Nuttall of Waterfield Consulting developed RapidConsensus™ using his 20 years of experience in large corporations across the globe. The Holst Group is the proud European partner of Waterfield Consulting.

RapidConsensus™ and elements are registered trademarks of Waterfield Consulting PTY LTD.

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