Facilitation Skills

Engage your people with great facilitation skills!

Facilitation skills help to drive a group to clear outcomes. They enable a facilitator to engage a group, reduce arguments and save everyone time. Leaders use these skills all the time. They don’t just facilitate meetings or sessions but also conversations. They will also use these skills when they coach or mentor. Leaders that know the value of taking time to think will also use facilitation skills to guide their personal thinking time.

“The new leader is a facilitator, not an order giver.”
 – John Naisbit

facilitation skills


Several of our clients have made the investment and decided to build the facilitation skills of the people in their business. Their reasons for doing so include:

  • Getting the best out of meetings and their people.
  • Better/faster group decisions.
  • More effective group problem solving and creativity.

Why train your own team?

Training a team of internal facilitators also provides a resource for the whole organisation. This can:

  • Save money hiring external experts.
  • Create a proactive culture.
  • Lead to more effective collaboration within the business.

When your people to undertake facilitation skills training you give them the tools to hold a group in process. They will learn how to create the right conditions for their peers to contribute in a safe environment.

We recommend new facilitators learn our range of processes so they can adapt to the needs of any given situation. This will help make sessions interesting and achieve better outcomes. There are seven courses in our facilitation skills training suite. These courses provide the wide toolbox facilitators’ need when facing a variety of scenarios and driving for different outcomes.

Choose to develop the facilitation skills of your people within your organisation with our courses. Or why not work with our team of facilitators on specific situations? Either way you will not be disappointed with the results.

We offer a full range of facilitation skills trainer certifications. This way your internal trainers can train your people in-house. This gives you the freedom to role out programmes at a pace and times that suits your organisation.