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Business communication skills are the backbone of any organisation. Good business communication underpins everything from productivity and profit to morale and general effectiveness. Our communication skills training courses include verbal and written communication skills.Communication Skills Training from The Holst Group

Think on Your Feet®

Our Think On Your Feet® course is one of our best sellers. It is the foundation for truly good business communication. Your staff will love it! In this trainer certification, you will experience a full Think On Your Feet® training course as a participant and have a Master Trainer to support you through your ‘train the trainer’ journey. This trainer certification is available for in-house trainers and those working directly with us at The Holst Group. Communication skills training is not complete without a Think On Your Feet® Course.

The Polished Presenter

No trainer portfolio is should be without a presentation skills training course. The Polished Presenter allows delegates to choose the topics to be covered, empowering them to steer the direction of their learning. This extended 1-day course will give your people terrific return on investment for their time.

Dynamic Speaking®

Dynamic Speaking® focuses on aspects of speaking which presentation skills training doesn’t. It teaches people how to become more dynamic speakers by identifying and developing what makes them brilliant. Our trainers love that Dynamic Speaking gives people true resources to draw on when standing in front of people. This is where building someone’s confidence starts! Business communication becomes more important as a person’s career develops. There is no better feeling as a trainer than to make a true difference. If you work with people who want to develop beyond presentation skills, this is a perfect addition to your communication skills training toolbox. The course is open to all experienced trainers.

Writing Dynamics™

Communication skills training is never complete without strong written communication skills. Writing Dynamics™ is a 2-day course, and participants cannot help but immediately apply the techniques they learn. As a Writing Dynamics™ trainer, you will enjoy watching your course attendees discover that good written communication skills is an art accessible to them.

Our business communication skills trainer certifications are developed to international standards. You will purchase licensed materials for each person you train, ensuring global consistency and intended outcomes. We would love to speak with you about how our courses could benefit your portfolio.

In-house and Independent Trainers

The Process

Our Trainer Certifications are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Communication SKills Training Certification Process

Pre-requisite: Our trainer certifications accredit you to provide training for a particular licensed product. They are not general train-the-trainer courses, and we recommend you have experience in front of a class before applying.

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