Crack Business Finance Language! Recorded Webinar

Crack Business Finance Language! Recorded Webinar


In ‘Crack Business Finance Language!’, Colour Accounting™ Trainer Adam Wilkinson talks through five secrets of financial literacy and the impact it has on any organisation or sole trader.

At first glance business finance can appear to be a highly specialised subject. Yet in this webinar Adam explains the basics of business finance language in a way that anyone can understand. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Some people find finance difficult to understand.

It might be because they have a perceived fear of numbers. Or perhaps lack the extensive technical training they believe they need. Sometimes the language (jargon) seems just so confusing that they assume it’s too difficult. However, with the right kind of classroom learning anybody can learn to make sense of business finance. That’s where Colour Accounting™ excels.

  • Finance terms can be confusing.

Finance terms can appear rather murky for the uninitiated. And the explanations given by finance professionals aren’t always much clearer!  Some terms mean the same thing. Some mean different things to different people.  Some even aren’t even what the dictionary will tell you! No wonder so many find the language of finance hard to understand.

  • The impact of financial illiteracy.

Low financial literacy leads to low engagement with finance teams. The result is often inefficient finance and business decision-making. These decisions could make all the difference between an organisation flourishing. Or folding.

View the recorded Colour Accounting webinar:

Begin your journey towards Financial Literacy with Colour Accounting™.

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