Written Communication Skills

Good written communication skills are the trademark of a top leader.


Our clients tell us that  poor written communication skills frustrate them. Senior stakeholders waste time reading poorly written documents. They despair at sentences that have no point. They find themselves playing the role of editor and often rewriting documents altogether.

Tertiary education often encourages lengthy and wordy documents. This occurs when word targets are set for essays and dissertations.  Students rarely come to grips with the needs of future employers. They enter the workforce with little or no knowledge of what good writing looks like. We come across many people for whom poor written communication skills haunt them for much of their careers.

“Writing isn’t letters on paper.
It’s communication.
It’s memory.”
– Isaac Marion


We believe everyone deserves the benefit of knowledge. They deserve to know where they are going wrong and what they can do about it. Good written communications skills can be taught in only 2 days. When you attend our course you will learn the hot tips professional writers use. Writer’s follow a good writing system to achieve clarity, brevity and impact in their writing. You will learn such a system.written communication skills writing dynamics

Many jobs require written communication skills. The type of writing you do might range from PowerPoint slides through to lengthy technical reports. The rules and your purpose are the same. You need to make sure your time-limited reader is engaged.

We chose Writing Dynamics™ as our written communication skills course because of how the course is put together. Writing Dynamics™ gives you plenty of chances to practice what you learn. You will leave a Writing Dynamics™ course with tools which allow you to analyse your writing. You will be able to quantify the impact of your writing on your readers. Most importantly, you leave knowing how to adjust your writing for your desired outcomes.


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