McQuaig Psychometric System

Psychometric Testing:

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McQuaig Psychometric System

The McQuaig Psychometric System is more than just personality testing. It is a complete profiling system!

You will always get more value with us:

  • More included reports than anyone else
  • More included options for recruitment and development
  • More on-hand expertise

Three levels of assessment from the McQuaig Psychometric SystemThe McQuaig Psychometric System is an easy to use online profiling system that allows you to:


The McQuaig Psychometric System includes:

The McQuaig Word Survey ®

McQuaig Psychometric System Map

  • Personality profiling tool
  • 10 included reports

The McQuaig Occupational Test ®

  • Speed of thought ability test

The McQuaig Job Analysis ®

  • A discussion document to encourage consensus

The McQuaig Job Survey ®

  • Internal benchmarking and job definition tool
  • 6 included reports

The McQuaig Self Development Survey ™

  • Self development and coaching tool

The McQuaig Job-Fit Interview Guide

  • Structured interview, questions and profile

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The McQuaig Psychometric System is more than just personality testing. It is a complete profiling system!

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