Six Thinking Hats Training - The Holst GroupSix Thinking Hats training will equip you to be a proficient user of the Six Hats.

Details of your Six Thinking Hats training are below.

Who should attend a Six Thinking Hats training course?

Six Thinking Hats is designed for individuals and groups looking for effective thinking tools for better outcomes. Your Six Thinking Hats training will teach you how to use Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Hats, using practical examples and activities.

Previous participants tell us they enjoyed the interactive, fun learning activities. They loved getting into the combinations of the Six Thinking Hats to explore how those combinations could be used, depending on the demands of the subject, topic, or focus statement. They also found the two sample Lateral Thinking tools they learnt in their Six Thinking Hats training very helpful for generating different and new ideas. Many previous participants tell us that without these tools, the new ideas they created would not exist.

Duration 1-day course
Course size Maximum 20 participants
Price £450 + VAT


Course objectives:

  • Understand the nature of thinking and why argument is inadequate.
  • Understand and use each of the Six Thinking Hats.
  • Create and use short sequences of the Six Thinking Hats for a variety of situations.
  • Discover and experience 2 of Dr. de Bono’s Lateral Thinking tools.
  • Practice using the Hats in short and long sequences.
  • Know how to integrate the sample Lateral Thinking tools within the Hats.

What to expect:

A Six Thinking Hats training course includes a mix of teaching and practical exercises. Participants will work in small groups with continual support from a certified de Bono trainer. Dr. Edward de Bono personally developed the course materials, and each delegate is supplied with a comprehensive workbook as an ongoing resource.

The benefits of Six Thinking Hats training:

  • Meetings are shorter and more productive.
  • Reduces conflict and debate.
  • People can think clearly and objectively.
  • Make thorough evaluations.
  • Generate better ideas.
  • Meeting effectiveness.


“It has reduced meeting times by up to 75%, and changed our culture across Europe.”  – J.P. Morgan
“You can do no better than to attend a de Bono seminar.”  – Tom Peters

Course requirements:

There are no requirements for your Six Thinking Hats training. You might like to bring along your own topics to enhance your learning experience. Your facilitator will ask you for these on the day of your course. You will also have the opportunity to run your own Six Thinking Hats session if you choose.

Six Thinking Hats®. Lateral Thinking. Power of Perception. These are copyright and trademarks registered to de Bono Global.

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What are the Six Thinking Hats?

The Six Thinking Hats represent categories or modes of thinking. Using the Six Hats increases collaboration and helps teams realise their full thinking potential. The Six Thinking Hats is a metaphorical term, as each hat represents a different mode of thinking. Users ‘wear’ the Six Hats to switch between modes of thinking to re-direct and focus the discussion based on the group’s objectives.

It is the powerful combinations of the Six Hats which achieve the results.

The Six Hats®

Six Thinking HatsThe White Hat:
Information available and needed.

Red Hat - The Holst Group

The Red Hat:
Intuition, feelings, and hunches.

Black Hat - The Holst Group

The Black Hat:
Cautions and difficulties.

Yellow Hat - The Holst Group

The Yellow Hat:
Values and benefits; why something might work.

Green Hat - The Holst Group

The Green Hat:
Alternatives and creative ideas.

Blue Hat - The Holst Group

The Blue Hat:
Managing the thinking process.


Why is a Six Thinking Hats course different?

We believe clear, effective and balanced group and individual thinking should be the rule, not the exception. Six Thinking Hats literally changes how people think.

The Six Thinking Hats course gives teams the tools to make better decisions fast. Groups and individuals benefit from an entire framework for comprehensive and strategic thinking. The Six Thinking Hats are flexible and can be adapted to any situation. They provide a systematic approach to collaboration, problem solving, strategic planning, facilitating discussions, coaching sessions, and subject or idea evaluation.

When used as a meeting management tool, the techniques provide a disciplined process for individuals to focus and get to the point. Most importantly, it allows entire teams to look at all sides of an issue thoroughly and without confrontation, all in a fraction of the time traditional methods take.

de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats training quite literally changes the way people and teams think. It makes them:

  • Better communicators.
  • Better problem-solvers.
  • Stronger team players and,
  • More effective in meetings.


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