Take your written communication skills to the next level with a Writing Dynamics™ course

Here are the details for a Writing Dynamics™ Course.

Duration: 2-day course.

Course size: Maximum 12 participants.Writing Dynamics™ course

Price: £845 + VAT.

In-house courses from as little as £492 + VAT per person.

Who should attend a Writing Dynamics™ course?

Everyone and anyone who would like to improve the quality of their written communication skills should take a Writing Dynamics™ course. Your ambition might be humble and your hope is only to sound competent at work. On the other hand, you might want to learn how to sound like an expert and completely own the subject. Your certified trainer will adapt your Writing Dynamics™ course to the needs of you and your fellow participants.

Participants say the aspect of the Writing Dynamics™ course they enjoy the most is that you don’t have to be a grammar expert to get great results. Writing Dynamics™ teaches a writing system. Basic grammar plays a part, but by no means is it the sole focus of this course.

Course objectives:

  • Learn a writing system to Plan, Draft and Edit your work.
  • Adapt the writing system to the type of writing you do.
  • Know what to do with a verb.
  • Learn how to quantify and manage the clarity of your writing.
  • Work on your own documents to see immediate impact.

In a Writing Dynamics™ course, you will learn to effectively plan your document to maximise your creativity and overcome writer’s block. You will learn the discipline of drafting and marvel at how liberating the experience can be. You will then learn key editing techniques for generating maximum impact on your readers.

Course requirements

There are no requirements for this Writing Dynamics™ course. We encourage participants to bring examples of their writing to the course so they can see immediately what impact the tools have.

What to expect

A fully certified Writing Dynamics™ trainer will host your 2-day course. You will receive a 200-page workbook full of examples and exercises to practice your new skills.

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