Writing Dynamics™ teaches you to write concisely, clearly, and with impact.


Why is Writing Dynamics™ different?

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Writing Dynamics™ is a writing system drawing on techniques professional writers use. It teaches good business writing in a way non-professional writers can learn quickly and see instant results.

Good writing is an essential aspect of business acumen whether you are entry-level staff or sit on the Board. A Writing Dynamics™ course will help showcase you in all that you write. Writing Dynamics™ teaches a writing system which gives you confidence in how you put words on the page.

Today’s reader is time poor and managing their attention is an art. You’ll find they often approach your documents in the same manner you would approach a newspaper or a magazine; they skim read it. A Writing Dynamics™ course will teach you how to quantify the clarity of your writing and get the most from your reader.

All writing is a form of persuasion. Know you can approach your written communication skills with confidence in your ability to make changes and have greater impact. Don’t just do what you do because you don’t know how to change it.  With a Writing Dynamics course , you can be like thousands of others who have taken control of their written communications skills. You will want to use these tools immediately!

Learn to Plan, Draft and Edit your writing in 2 engaging days.


Roger HB Davies, drawing on his 30 years of experience as an award winning editor, writer, and graphic designer, designed Writing Dynamics ™. Roger is one of the founders and CEO of McLuhan & Davies. McLuhan and Davies is a  long-term partner of The Holst Group.

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