Attend a Think On Your Feet® course and speak with impact.

Here are the details for a Think On Your Feet® course.

Duration: 2-day course.

Course size: Maximum 20 participants.Think on your feet® course

Price: £845 + VAT

In-house courses from as little as £375 + VAT per person.

Who should attend a Think On Your Feet® course?

Business communication skills are essential to business acumen. If you want techniques for clear and concise verbal communication then a Think On Your Feet® course is for you. This course is relevant to CEOs, managers, supervisors and entry-level staff.

Participants tell us this course is simply the best training they have ever attended. They have also shared that they found their Think On Your Feet® course was highly interactive and that there are plenty of opportunities to practice what they learned.

Course objectives:

  • Structure your ideas on the spot.
  • Respond to questions with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®.
  • Manage information overload.
  • Identify what is important to your audience.

What you will learn in a Think On Your Feet® course:

You will learn 10 plans (mental models) to structure your thinking and, subsequently, your message. In a Think On Your Feet® course you will also learn strategies to buy yourself time and answer the question that is actually being asked. You will develop the ability to adapt the tools to formal and informal situations whether you have just 30 seconds to make your point, or several hours. Download a lesson plan for your Think On Your Feet Course.

What to expect:

A certified Think On Your Feet® trainer will lead your fun and highly interactive Think On Your Feet® course. You will receive a 108-page bound workbook with punch out wallet cards of key concepts. Our post-course support includes an on-line refresher, email tips, and access to a trainer.

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