The famous Think on Your Feet® Training.

Your Think On Your Feet® training will teach you tools and techniques that cover the majority of day-to-day business communication. We spend most of our work life in informal and impromptu situations. You need a toolbox to help you respond on the spot. Competently.  A Think On Your Feet® training course provides the solution. It covers what no other business communication skills course does.

Over 95% of on the job communication is informal:

  • Questions and answers.

    Think on Your Feet® Training -

  • Networking.
  • Conference calls.
  • Elevator speeches.
  • Meetings.
  • Status updates.
  • Bumping into your boss in the hallway.

Think On Your Feet® is the only course that addresses these impromptu speaking situations as well supporting prepared and longer messages. Our Think On Your Feet® training teaches skills not covered in any other course. Most business communication skills courses focus on formal situations such as presentation skills. Think On Your Feet® training supports presentation skills and public speaking. It also addresses the art of impromptu speaking. You will sound like an expert in any situation.

Attendees leave with the ability to propose, defend or discuss a position. On the spot and to the point! In your Think On Your Feet® course, you learn 10 structures to help you organise and communicate your ideas quickly, under pressure, and with impact.

Think On Your Feet® teaches you to speak with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®. Clarity is about being clear. Brevity is about being brief. Impact is about being remembered. Impact is also about being relevant. After all, if your message isn’t relevant to your audience, the best you can hope to be is really boring.Think on your feet training

Use the tools when you have no time, limited time, or plenty of time to prepare your message.  You will have confidence that your message is well structured, clear and brief.

Think On Your Feet training takes place in 30 countries and 12 languages and is fast becoming the global standard for professional communication. If you would like more punch in your verbal communication skills, you will enjoy taking part in a Think On Your Feet® training course.

More reasons to choose Think on Your Feet®:

Think On Your Feet® training counts towards Personal Development Units for your Project Management Professional® Certification with the Project Management Institute. You may also be able to use your attendance at a Think on Your Feet® course as part of your Continuous Personal Development. Check with your membership body to see if it qualifies in the self or organised learning sections.


Keith Spicer, communications guru and prominent Canadian public figure, authored Think on Your Feet®. He blended modern day media communications skills with the traditional reasoning techniques. These techniques are drawn from some of the great philosophers such as Renee Decartes. Roger HB Davies, CEO of McLuhan & Davies Communications Inc. further developed Think On Your Feet® into the course it is today.

The Holst Group is a long term UK partner of McLuhan & Davies. McLuhan & Davies are specialists in the field of business communication skills. Writing Dynamics™ is the sister course to Think on Your Feet® and teaches written communication skills for business.

Think On Your Feet®. Writing Dynamics™. The slogan Clarity Brevity and Impact® are registered trademarks of McLuhan & Davies Communications Inc.

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