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Do you own, manage, or influence the future of an SME? Are traditional business models frustrating you?

Take time out from doing business to think about the design of your business. This three-day course at Wivenhoe House Hotel will challenge you to think ‘outside the box’ on the role of leader and the principles of organisations.

Every organisation, no matter what size, is seeking that elusive next step, chasing after innovation, continually attempting to reinvent itself to keep on top of the market. This course will explore your role in achieving innovation for your team or organisation.

Download more information here Reinventing the Organisation


  • Investigate the rationale for traditional organisations
  • Explore alternative options in structuring your organisation, especially when working with limited resources
  • Imagine new options for your team and/or organisation, and give time and support to sketch out these options
  • Determine potential designs and how to implement them into your business
  • Offer optional follow-up coaching from the experts

What does a University’s Business School know about this topic? Essex Business School’s Dr. Manuela Nocker specialises in Organisational Innovation.

Plus, we have two expert international guest speakers who have ‘been there/done that’ successfully: Doug Kirkpatrick helped Morning Star Packing grow at 400% of industry average in a mature industry; Ken Everett founded a unique organisation that grew to 30 countries – with only 3 employees!

Download more information here Reinventing the Organisation

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