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The Connor Consultancy is a business grounded HR Consultancy that helps its clients achieve their full potential through their people.

We have a 15 year track record of delivering high quality, results driven people services to our Clients by placing people at the heart of our business solutions. Our team are all frontline practitioners who have been instrumental in shaping some of Europe’s youngest and most dynamic companies, as well as leading Blue Chip names.

We deliver a range of solutions which include:
• The human aspects of mergers and acquisitions.
• Outplacement support to allow employees to find alternative work fast!
• Working with management teams to implement organisational change that maximises people performance and business improvement.
• Developing talent through performance coaching and executive coaching.
• Implementing performance management initiatives that improve productivity.
• Creating training and development programmes to up-skill employee capabilities.
• Strategic recruitment identifying top talent to join top companies.
• Helping businesses improve performance through outsourced HR support.
• Providing employment law advice that is practical and appropriate to the business situation.

As you can see from our service offerings; “it’s all about people!”

Other information:
The Connor Consultancy is perceived as different from other consultancies in that:
• We are not obsessed with complex methods for our own intellectual gain which have minimal value to the client.
• We talk in business benefits not features.
• We listen to the client rather than talking about ourselves all the time.
Our clients value our pragmatic and practical approach in providing workable business solutions rather than fancy reports that no-one understands, let alone knows how to implement!
Our clients particularly like the fact that we talk their language. 5+ years working with our clients is the norm. We are always curious and like to understand our clients’ business drivers so that the work that we deliver is relevant to their business. For us ‘it’s personal’ and we go the extra mile so that we can continuously delight our clients. 90%+ of our ongoing business is through our clients referring us to other people.
Our clients confide in us. They ask us our opinion. They trust us to give impartial advice that is right for them. If we honestly believe that we can deliver a solution we say so. If we feel that there is an alternative approach that does not include The Connor Consultancy then we say so. It is more important for us to keep the relationship strong than to pursue a short term piece of business that is not right for the client.
No matter how long we have worked with a client our philosophy is that we are only as good as the last job we have delivered. Our goal is to deliver benefits to our clients’ business in everything that we do.

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